Wellness Day

I’m here to support you. A group of fabulous people all wanting to increase the healthy bit of your life! You will learn about the things you can do to optimise your wellness and wellbeing and you will also learn some of the mindfulness practices from my eight-week Mindfulness for Life mindfulness course.

On our Wellness Day we will go through all the steps to wellness based on my new book ‘Wellness Is Easier Than You Think’ (published February 2019), but don’t worry, you won’t need to make changes to everything in your life, you just pick out the bits that apply and we can do that together! Plus – I will give you a copy of my Wellness book, so you can make sure you know how to stick to those fabulous goals that we are going to create!

The good news is that we can make changes to our health – both physical and mental – and my 86 year old mum (in these pictures!) is just one of those success stories (you can read more about my mum’s path to wellness in ‘My Story’). If you feel excited about increasing the health-span in your lifespan I’m really looking forward to meeting you at our Wellness Days!  Contact Susie and start your path towards wellness and away from disease.

Why choose me?

My BSc (Hons) research degree in Human Medical Genetics trained me to understand research papers. To know which are good and which aren’t so great. Everything I share with you is based on my training, and the thousands of studies that I continue to read. Those studies show that wellness isn’t just about the body, or just about the mind – it is about both and so I created this Wellness Day to support you with your health and wellness.

You can read all about me, and my qualifications to teach this wonderful workshop on my ‘About Susie’ page.


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