Weight Loss

We don’t all want, or need, to lose weight, but for those who do, this plan is for you.

Did you know that certain foods you are eating may be sabotaging your weight loss, because they trigger a part of your brain that is responsible for your survival, and that your willpower has no chance against it?! It surprised me too! BUT! Don’t despair because there is a solution. We now understand how to make the changes that allow you to lose weight, and keep it off. This is not a diet, and it works for any type of eating, from vegan to paleo to omnivore.

I lost 14 pounds after I followed the Five Easy Steps in my book and removed my food triggers, but then I discovered why two things that we eat all the time can hijack our brain and make us gain weight, even when we have eliminated those food triggers. Now we understand, in neuroscience, why our brain gets fooled by some foods, and so I can help you to lose the excess weight you would like to lose, by following a simple plan. It also eliminates your cravings and so it can impact on other areas of life, like shopping and smoking. If living a life that is lean and serene sounds tempting, I would love to hear from you!

An easy protocol for a healthy body and mind.

Book a consultation, and start your simple weight loss plan, and live a life that is lean and serene!

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