Vision Boards – Transform Your Life

Would you like to transform your life?

That is what has happened to me. I trained as an Professional Interior Designer when my children were young, to work part time, and used mood boards to show my clients how their dreams could look, then I had a thought. Could I make a vision board of my desires and dreams and then see it manifest in reality, just like my interior designs? It seemed crazy, but then recently I discovered that scientists and athletes are doing just that!

During my research I found out that  simply imagining yourself doing something has a measurable effect on your brain and body. It turns out that this technique can change your life in all sorts of ways. Athletes use visualisation to help them get gold medals, but you can use it to achieve the life you truly desire (and that may not be the hot partner and the big house after all!).

In a fun-filled day, you will learn how to make your own vision board to take away, learn how to create your dream, awaken to possibilities, and become aware that you can create your future. Science-proven! Making a vision board, and keeping it somewhere you can see it every day, helps focus that intention, just like the visualisation exercises the athletes use so successfully. That is why the best selling author, Jen Sincero, recommends the use of vision boards!!

Are you ready to live the life you truly desire? If you are, I would love to hear from you!

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