Five Easy Steps Guide to a Healthy Body, Healthy Weight, Healthy Mind

An easy 5 step guide to a healthy body, weight and mind

I created the Five Easy Steps Guide for busy people who want to regain their health, and also those of you who want to stay well, even if you do not have health issues. There is even a super simple easy way to lose weight and keep it off!

All of my recent research into healing started with my mum in 2014, as conventional medicine was not helping her and was actually making her worse. The result was my book (which is based on 3000 research papers) because, following the Five Easy Steps Guide, my mum got better (her fibromyalgia, acid-reflux, depression and anxiety all went. Even her underactive thyroid improved).

Together we will look at the same (science-proven) things that helped my mum:

  • Your gut microbiome
  • Nutrition
  • Food and non-food triggers
  • Stress and
  • Lifestyle (sleep, exercise and mindfulness)

The PDF Guide you will take home with you is from the ‘solutions’ part of my book, and we will use it to look at your specific circumstances, which we work through together, to find the root causes, and solutions, for your specific health goals. You can have one or more session with me. We are all unique.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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Susie has a BSc (Hons) degree in Human Medical Genetics and is also trained in Nutrition, Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Mindfulness (MBSR), Reiki, QIGONG and Meditation 

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36327515 - cheerful businesswoman sitting on the floor using laptop with colleagues behind her

One of the disadvantages of working in an office can be a few extra inches round your waistline, but researchers have found a way to keep slim while you work in this study. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve running laps around the office!

It turns out that your weight problems can be solved by using a standing desk for four hours a day. A standing desk is one where you work at shoulder height instead of waist height, and as well as helping to burn extra calories it also improves circulation, and promotes back and core strength. If you do not have room for two desks you may be able to have a dual height desk.

Studies have shown that people who move more in the day have smaller waistlines than those who are sedentary, but if four hours of standing seems daunting you could start with smaller amounts of time standing at first and build it up gradually to four hours.