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The Secret to Health and Happiness - Body and Being

I’m not sure what brought you to me, but I’m guessing you would like to achieve optimal health, relationships, joy and wellbeing? Well you have come to the right place! Exciting new science has taught us that everything in our life is connected, and so we need to look at all aspects of our lives, not just the one problem that is grabbing our attention, and that is what we do. That way, we can fix all the things that take us away from our optimal life, so that we can achieve optimal wellness, health and happiness in our life. This integrative, holistic approach to finding your optimal wellness, health and happiness comes in two parts: Body and Being.

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Make Your Own Vision Board and Transform your Life

What if I told you that a few simple and fun changes can drastically change your life for the better? That is what has happened to me. High energy five-year goals and plans are not really me. They take the fun and happiness out of my life, so I needed to find an alternative, and I did. When my children were young I trained as an Interior Designer so that I could work for myself while my children were at school, and I used mood boards to explain to my clients how their vision could look. Then a thought occured to me. Could a vision board also apply to other aspects of life? Could I make a vision board of my desires and dreams and then see it manifest in reality, just like my interior designs? It seemed crazy, but then recently I discovered that scientists and athletes are doing just that!

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Weight Loss

***My GIFT to you. All of the information I give about weight loss is yours for FREE because I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with weight loss*** Did you know that certain foods you are eating may be sabotaging your weight loss, because they trigger a part of your brain that is responsible for your survival, and that your willpower has no chance against it?! It surprised me too! BUT! We now understand how to make the changes that allow you to lose weight, and keep it off. I lost 14 pounds after I followed the Five Easy Steps in my book and removed my food triggers, but then I discovered why two things that we eat all the time can hijack our brain and make us gain weight, even when we have eliminated those food triggers. This is not a diet, and it works for any type of eating, from vegan to paleo to omnivore.


Need a Speaker?

Would your company like its staff to be as healthy and creative as possible? Are you a group of friends who are interested in health and wellbeing? So much new exciting research is breaking old myths about health and wellbeing. For example, if you think that older age is automatically accompanied by worsening eyesight and health you are going to be shocked! After researching peer-reviewed science, I made changes to my life, and that of my mum, which totally transformed our lives, in every way, and so am super excited to share that with you too. If you would like to know how we made those simple and easy changes in our life, and how you can too, I would love to hear from you!



Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing technique that assists the natural healing of mind and body. It can involve holding hands over a person, who remains fully clothed, although it may also be given at a distance. Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices, such as improving diet, taking more exercise, devoting time for rest or leisure activities, and may reduce the need for things like tobacco and alcohol. Giving rise to greater inner harmony and balance, regular Reiki treatments promote a calmer response to life’s challenges. Reiki may be used safely by people of all ages, including babies, pregnant mothers, the elderly and animals, in any situation. We also use gentle Qigong movements where physically possible, and mindful meditation.

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The Five Easy Steps Guide to a Healthy Body, Healthy Weight, Healthy Mind

Busy people don’t always take the time to look after their health, and so I created the Five Easy Steps Guide, to make it simple. We look at your nutrition, find food triggers of any health problems you have, rebalance your gut microbiome, find the secret of good sleep, reduce stress, and find an optimal exercise that suits you, because everything is connected, in mind, brain and body. For example, did you know that your gut microbiome can control your happiness?! This guide applies to busy people that want to stay well, even if you do not have health issues. There is even a super simple easy way to lose weight and keep it off! A holistic approach to health, always based on science, for preventing, and possibly reversing, chronic inflammatory disorders like Type 2 diabetes. An easy simple guide for a healthy body, weight and mind.

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