Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

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The Secret To Wellness

The first secret to wellness is that there isn’t just one secret – there are nine and I write about every one of them in my book to make life easy for you! I even link them together so you can see why we need all nine.

Are Your Genes Causing Health Problems?

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t get chronic diseases because of our genes, but from a mismatch between our genes our environment and our lifestyle.

By making a few changes in your life with achievable solutions you can take the steps to alleviate common conditions like type 2 diabetes, anxiety, IBS and heart disease and also follow the path towards a lifetime of wellness.

Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

It took me four years of research before I finally understood the nine secrets to wellness and so I’ve put them all in my new book – ‘Wellness Is Easier than You Think’. This book guides you through the steps you can take to help you achieve optimal wellness and wellbeing. Increasing the health-span of your lifespan.

Released on the 28 February and if you want the healthy bit of your life to last for as long as possible you can order the book NOW from the following places. Just click on the names below:


W H Smith

Troubador Publishers