Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

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The Secret To Wellness The first secret to wellness is that there isn’t just one secret – there are nine and I write about every one of them in my book to make life easy for you! I even link them together so you can see why we need all nine. Are Your Genes Causing…

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How to Boost Your Wellness and Wellbeing at Work

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Do you have a tightness between the shoulders? Clenched jaw? Feeling irritable? Your body tells you when you might be starting to feel stressed, or even overwhelmed so listen to your body, take a mindful action and recharge. Here are a few ideas for a mindful action that you might take: – Go home on…

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Do your genes and mindfulness compete with each other?

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The Human Genome project taught us that we have genes that make us susceptible to getting one or more chronic diseases. Note that I said susceptible, and not that the genes actually cause the diseases. That is because your diet, lifestyle, relationships and environment are the major factors in whether you get these diseases or…

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What Does Mindful Mean and Is It Good For Me?

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What does ‘mindful’ mean? The answer is simple. ‘Mindful’ may be a new buzz word, but all is actually means is focusing your attention, on purpose, on things that are happening in the present moment (rather than being on ‘automatic pilot’ and letting your mind ‘wander’). For example, giving a child your full attention, or…

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