Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

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The Secret To Wellness The first secret to wellness is that there isn’t just one secret – there are nine and I write about every one of them in my book to make life easy for you! I even link them together so you can see why we need all nine. Are Your Genes Causing…

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Which Probiotics Can Help Your IBS?

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The NHS has recently included the use of probiotics as part of tips recommended to help relieve IBS symptoms, but which ones should you choose? Probiotics have many health benefits, and have been shown in many clinical trials to help those with IBS, but it isn’t as simple as taking something like lactobacillus for example,…

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Science Now Proves that Food is Medicine

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‘Let food be thy medicine’ Even though a number of expensive mono-targeted “smart” drugs have emerged over the past fifteen years, the prevalence of complex multi-gene human diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and neurological diseases have not decreased significantly. This is probably because the drugs only target single pathways, but these chronic…

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