Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

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The Secret To Wellness The first secret to wellness is that there isn’t just one secret – there are nine and I write about every one of them in my book to make life easy for you! I even link them together so you can see why we need all nine. Are Your Genes Causing…

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The Perfect Diet

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A new year starts and the overindulgence of winter lingers on; but you’ve got the nagging feeling that you need to get back on track, so what exactly is the perfect diet? For a start, when I say diet, what I mean is a way of eating that is healthy and nutritious, and not an…

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Do you have trouble digesting porridge oats?

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I love porridge but have always felt that it weighed heavily in my tummy after I ate it; until I discovered the gluten free organic sprouted oats by Rude Health, and so I am sharing my discovery with you! After I eat these delicious sprouted oats I feel nice and full but not heavy or…

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Which is healthier, a meat based or a plant based diet?

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Well first of all, let us consider what ‘healthy’ means. In my book I say that healthy means ‘free of disease’ and so anyone saying that a particular diet is ‘healthy’ should be able to show how it keeps you free of disease, but we all know people who are either meat eaters or vegans…

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