Are Your Gut Bugs Making You Fat?

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Recent studies tell us that your gut bugs don’t just lie there, passively living off whatever food you eat, but actually influence your food choices so they get the food they want! It sounds like science fiction doesn’t it?! So how do these little bugs influence us? 3 Ways Your Gut Microbiome Influence Your Food…

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Gut microbiome improves symptoms of autism

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects 1:100 children in the UK and 1:45 children in the US, with boys affected more than girls. Autism is diagnosed by symptoms of impaired social communication and repetitive behaviour, but most children also have constipation or diarrhoea, and immune dysregulation. The gut microbiome’s connection with…

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Your gut bacteria can heal Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis is a medical condition that involve the nerves, and people who have it typically suffer pain, muscle weakness, numbness, and sensory changes. Nerves are surrounded by a substance called myelin, which is made up of fatty lipids, proteins and glial support cells that protect the long ‘cable’ part of nerve cells called axons,…

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