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Is your group, or company, interested in wellness and wellbeing?

Contrary to popular belief we don’t get chronic diseases from our genes. By making simple lifestyle changes we can take steps to alleviate many common disorders like type 2 diabetes and more.

If your company values the wellness and well-being of its staff (and I know that you do) please contact me to speak at your company. You can also contact me on my Facebook page.

I have spoken on many occasions, and was thrilled to be invited as a keynote speaker at The UK Wellbeing Retreat, by Nature’s Pharmacy, in the beautiful Peak District.

I would love to share my wellness news with you.

You can read other people’s thoughts about my talks below….


Hi Susie – just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful and slightly amazing talk yesterday, what incredible research you’ve done and to now share your findings to help others is inspirational! Can’t wait to start reading your book! I’ve already recommended you and your work to quite a few friends. Thanks again. Sally x


Susie, you’ve made my week!!!
I’ve been sitting on this leaky gut thing for a while, knowing I needed to read up on it (as it kept on coming up when you look at autism) but hadn’t the time nor energy to do it… but your talk was so enabling as you gave us all the information in a simple, straight forward way! Everyone in the room was able to understand a complexed piece of research and get from it what they needed. Your down to earth approach enabled people to become connected and empowered with their own health…
That I thank you for! – Jo

Jo - Nottingham

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