My Story

Susie’s mum in 2016

My Susie Bailey Wellness story really starts with my mum because we managed to reverse her chronic ill health so let me tell you all about it.

My mum

I’d been researching health since 1990 because my two sons had asthma but something happened in 2014 to trigger my research again. My mum had broken her arm and wrist and so I went to look after her. I became concerned because she was becoming increasingly unwell, and conventional medicine was making her worse, so I decided to use my research skills in human and medical genetics and law to see if science could provide any solutions and to my surprise and delight it did!

After making the changes we talk about in my Wellness Workshop she no longer had acid reflux, her anxiety, IBS, fatigue, foggy mind and depression disappeared, her fibromyalgia went and her thyroid antibodies reduced from hundreds to only tens.

And me! 

At the same time (after I also took the same steps as mum) I stopped getting asthma and frequent colds in spite of being surrounded by people sneezing (I still got some but not many and they were much milder). I also stopped sneezing in response to dust and pollen and so my allergic responses had reduced. We both felt so healthy!

It seemed like a miracle and I wanted to share it with everyone, but I needed to convince my inner sceptical scientist that what happened was not just a coincidence or something that might only benefit the two of us.

So I spent the next 18 months reading 3000 research papers (I still research every day!) and gradually began to realise that for the first time in decades we are able to walk the path towards wellness and away from disease. So began my mission to share research-proven information about health and mindfulness, and the creation of Susie Bailey Wellness and my new wellness book which will be published by Troubador in February 2019!