Mindfulness MBCT for Life Eight-Week Course

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** Start date Monday 11 March, 10 am – 12 noon **

** No classes on 29 April or 6 May – Bank Holidays**

‘Being in a group has been amazing – it has given me a toolbox of skills that I can use for stressful and difficult situations.’

If you have a sense of feeling generally dissatisfied with your life, or are experiencing the stress, anxiety or low mood that we all do from time to time, or would like to increase moments of pleasure and joy in your life, this course could help you.

Perhaps you spend so much time juggling your time, doing your best for the people, work and causes you care about that you often end up with no time for yourself! Not enough ‘me’ time.

Just lately, something has been telling you that you need to make changes to the way you live your life and that inner wisdom led you to this research-proven Mindfulness for Life course.

You are now on the path to a new way of living. A new way of being. A calmer peaceful life that has more fun, more clarity and less stress.

What will I learn on the MBCT Mindfulness course?

You will learn to deal more skilfully with the ‘stresses and strains’ of daily living. Practicing the skill of deliberately paying attention, we become more familiar with the workings of our own mind and its patterns and habits, including those which may no longer be helpful. You will learn how best to respond, rather than reacting in old familiar, often unhelpful ways.

Does MBCT Mindfulness work?

‘My relationships have improved because of doing this course’

‘I feel calmer. I don’t get annoyed the way I used to’

Research shows that mindfulness-based practices have many benefits including reducing anxiety and stress, helping people cope with pain, increasing positive moods, cultivating compassion for self and others and improving some forms of attention and memory.

What does the MBCT Mindfulness course for the public look like?

‘Now I know that my thoughts aren’t facts and know that they aren’t ‘me’, my life has completely changed for the better.’

As well as the weekly classes you get a very full folder with all of the information sheets you need, to do and maintain your guided mindfulness practices.

The folder is eco-friendly because I want to also take care of our lovely planet as best I can and you also have a journal so you can keep a record of your experiences throughout the course.

All of the recorded mindfulness meditation practices you need to guide you in your home practice are given to you.

         **Two hours of group classes per week plus journal, information folder, free guided meditation tracks, home practice and your own Messenger group.**

The classes are held in a calm and welcoming homely relaxed venue, where you can make a cup of tea and chat with others in the group. A safe space. A confidential space. If you just sighed a small sigh of relief at the sound of all that let’s get started xx

How much does the MBCT course cost?


Numbers are limited. For women only. Held in Arnold/Lambley in a warm and welcoming home – a safe space with plenty of free street parking.

I’d love to hear from you – click here for my contact details xoxo

This course is for women only, but there will be other courses in the year available for men.

Susie is a qualified Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher.