Are Your Gut Bugs Making You Fat?

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Recent studies tell us that your gut bugs don’t just lie there, passively living off whatever food you eat, but actually influence your food choices so they get the food they want! It sounds like science fiction doesn’t it?! So how do these little bugs influence us?

3 Ways Your Gut Microbiome Influence Your Food Choices

The different bugs (bacteria and yeasts) influence your food choices in three ways:

  1. By altering nerve signals to change your taste receptors.
  2. By producing toxins to make you feel bad and
  3. By releasing chemical rewards to make you feel good.

This results in you eating and drinking particular things that the different types of gut bugs thrive on and they can also cause cravings (sugar, alcohol, cakes and chocolate for example). So can I resist the cake or do I have to just accept that it is my gut bugs choosing the food?

Is Your Gut Microbiome A Second Brain?

Because the gut microbiome (the combination of bacteria and yeasts living in the gut) has an influence on many areas of your life (including your mood – more about this in future blogs) some people have said that the gut microbiome is a second brain. Is it? Well it certainly has an influence on our thinking but the good news is that you are in ultimate control (phew!) because your gut bacteria can be changed in 24 hours with probiotics and prebiotics (vegetables and fruit) to one that helps you to like healthy food.

How To Resist Cravings

So you can make changes really quickly, but it also needs a little help from you. If you carry on eating the foods that particular gut bugs like, which aren’t necessarily healthy for you, then you enable those bugs to thrive and keep influencing you. Perhaps you can think to yourself ‘do I really want another cake or is it my Candida bugs wanting one?’ – it may give you the resilience to resist until your new healthy gut bugs take control!

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