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Welcome to wellness! I'm guessing you want to achieve optimal health, joy and wellbeing, so lets look at how to do that. This section is an overview of everything I offer.

Exciting new science has taught us that everything in our life is connected, and so we use an integrative, holistic approach to finding your optimal wellness, health and happiness. This comes in two parts: healthy Body and healthy Being (In life, we are either ‘doing’ or simply ‘being’, but we spend much of our time in ‘doing’ mode, and so we need to nurture the ‘being’ part of us too).

To achieve a healthy Body we use the Five Easy Steps Guide, based on 3000 research papers, and for a healthy Being we offer Mindfulness and Meditation techniques, proven in neuroscience to increase wellbeing and clarity of thought, as well as calm our 'monkey-mind' (constant 'mind-chatter').

To aid in the healing of both body and being, we offer Reiki, which is a gentle Japanese healing technique that assists the natural healing of mind and body. As part of a healing day, we may also use vision boards to clarify goals and intentions.

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Healthy Body:

I created the Five Easy Steps Guide, based on 3000 research papers, for busy people who want to regain their health, and also those of you who want to stay well, even if you do not have health issues. The Five Easy Steps include:

  • Your gut microbiome
  • Nutrition
  • Food and non-food triggers
  • Stress and
  • Lifestyle (sleep, exercise and mindfulness)

Healthy Being:

The Mindful Awareness Practice that we introduce in our Healthy Body section,  also heals our Being, and we can expand on this with our Mindfulness and Meditation techniques and practice, adapted from research in neuroscience, MBSR, IPNB, MBCT and thousands of years of contemplative practice.

We may use Vision Boards to clarify inner dreams, goals and intentions. 

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We also offer Reiki, which is a gentle Japanese healing technique, used to aid the natural healing of both body and being, and so is a stand-alone holistic treatment, but it can also be combined with any of the other services if desired.

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I can help you with!

  • Preventing illness and increasing wellness - Optimise your health and wellness. Learn how to personalise the 'Five Easy Steps' to achieve a healthy body, healthy weight, healthy mind. Lower your chances of catching a cold. Learn how to reduce allergic responses.
  • Preventing, and Possibly Reversing, Chronic and Autoimmune disorders - Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Type 2 diabetes, IBS, Rheumatod Arthritis, Obesity and more.
  • Nutrition - Find the foods that may be triggering your health problems. Find out which diet suits you best. Tips for easy plant-based living
  • Mindfulness Awareness practice - Learn why we are usually in autopilot, and how to come out of it. Learn how to choose where to place your attention, instead of your mind being carried away by thoughts. Reduce stress, and increase joy. Calm your 'monkey-mind'
  • Reiki - a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The Book

That started it all!

"My acid reflux disappeared after three days and my IBS also disappeared. I am hypothyroid and after following the advice in the book my thyroid antibodies were drastically reduced. A fantastic book – it has worked wonders for me."

Book review by Shirley, Nottingham, after following the Five Easy Steps Guide to a Healthy Body, Healthy Weight, Healthy Mind.

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About Susie


Hi! I’m not sure what brought you to me, but I’m guessing you would like to achieve optimal health, relationships, joy and wellbeing? Well you have come to the right place!

After my honours degree in human medical genetics I knew that I wanted to help people be well, rather than focus on diseases, and so I am now a wellness practitioner who works with busy people to achieve optimal health and vitality in their lives.

Using the science of genetics and neuroscience, together with the wisdoms of contemplative practice and the joy of possibility, we now know how to achieve optimal wellness, health and joy. This is truly an exciting time to make changes!

My journey into helping others heal started in 1990, because my sons had asthma, but in 2014 something happened to trigger my research again.

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