Integrate Your Life for Happiness and Health

I work with busy people who are looking to improve their work-life balance, their health and even their relationships, but are struggling with time demands. So what changes do you want in your life? How will your life be in five years time if you continue on the path you are on? With some simple practices, you can learn how to live a life of harmony, achieving goals that you did not think were possible with very little effort.

My practice leads from the wonderful work of Professor Ellen Langar, specialist in the science of possibility, whose work shows that we can improve our eyesight with age, and even reverse arthritis symptoms; together with the inspirational work of Dr Dan Siegel in Interpersonal Neurobiology IPNB. Interestingly, both of these areas of science have also been shown to protect the telomeres of our chromosomes, which means we age less quickly!

All of the work I do is grounded in science and is designed to integrate mind, body and relationships, which, research shows, leads to mental health and wellbeing. One of the things we do is a specific mindfulness awareness practice that has been shown to increase new neural circuits in the brain and make new connections needed for mental health and wellbeing, which has amazing outcomes. I use it to boost my bliss, although it integrates every part of life. You may:

  • Slow down ageing (by reducing the shortening of telomeres),
  • Improve the way your food tastes,
  • Learn to listen to the subtle signals from your body,
  • Learn how ‘gut-feeling’ and ‘heartfelt’ have a basis in science,
  • Have a better control of your thoughts and emotions,
  • Enhance relationships,
  • Increase creativity,
  • Improve business,
  • Reduce the effects of stress and anxiety,
  • Feel in tune with life and all that it can offer, opening up to possibilities, and being mindful rather than living on automatic pilot,
  • Look and feel younger,
  • Improve eyesight and hearing,
  • Reverse signs of arthritis and ageing,
  • Know why it is never too late to make changes.

All of the above have been found in peer reviewed research. To boost your bliss, and achieve the optimal life you desire, you can call me, or email me

Susie received her Certificate in Interpersonal Neurobioology after passing her exam.